Park View City Lahore is an elegant housing community that has designed and constructed by the Vision Group. It is located on Multan Road, Lahore, Pakistan. This society comprises a sophisticated plan built on 7000 Kanals, which has already housed 4500 families.

Park View City, Lahore, is another success story of  Vision Group, which has captured the essence and requirement of its investors. Evidently, due to such great success, the Vision Group strives to establish more residential projects within the Twin Cities.

It offers the most innovative architecture and style that makes it unique in the market and attracts multiple investors. The up-to-mark standards of the community ensure their efficiency in providing high-quality results and bring satisfaction to the residents. Today, the project sits in high competition within the real estate community, challenging its possibilities of meeting the needs of investors in the market today.

 Developers and Community

This ambition will contribute significantly to the construction company. The Vision Group has one of the most recognized construction companies within Lahore and around the country. It was established in 2016 by a refined man Aleem Khan, who is also a part of the government party PTI. The construction company is growing with great success, and their design and innovation in this particular residential community were outstanding and efficient. Which makes it such a high-end housing community to invest in; not only has it facilitated the latest styles and designs of housing communities but provided room for growth and changes around the neighborhood.

NOC and Legal Requirements

It is a well-planned and designed housing community established with a legal approval of its NOC and authorization by the Lahore Development Authorities. The housing community exists in an area zone close to Lahore Airport, which merges with DHA phase 8. It offers a diverse range of land ranging from 5 Marla plots to 1 Kanal area land.

It has a strong standing amongst its consumers. Because they offer more than residential and commercial plots. It offers entirely constructed Villas and homes. Due to the high requirements and needs in recent years, the lavishly built villas have set at affordable rates for buyers who don’t have time to wait.
It has families residing in their villas and residential plots, which offered to them at the best standing rate and provided the desired facilitation. As a result, Park View City Lahore is growing high in demand as it has considered one of the most prime housing communities within the city.

Park View City Location

One of the reasons that it has considered prime is due to its location. It is located in the most beautiful spot of Lahore. It is scenic and channeled around the city, allowing transport and travel to be accessible and convenient. The housing society is located on Multan Road. It merges with DHA phase 8, with a 3 KM distance from the Thokar Niaz Baig flyover and a 2 KM distance from the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway. The society is close to the airport and makes it a plus for those buyers and investors that travel often. The location allows investors to feel open and accessed through all the while having a wonderfully scenic surrounding.

It provides an outstanding design, construction of areas and facilitates good routes. It also manages to provide its investors with all the facilities and amenities that make it a rewarding housing society. The interior and exteriors of the organization have expanded and have intricately detailed finishing that bring out the charm of the entire community’s outlook.

The facilities provided include Parks, education institutes, health community centers, commercial area zones, security, and load-shedding free zones.

Park View City Lahore Payment Plans

Park View City Lahore Executive Block Payment Plan

Park View City Lahore Executive Block Payment Plan

Broadway Commercial Payment Plan

Park View City Lahore Broadway Commercial Payment Plan

Homes Lahore Payment Plan

Park View Homes Lahore Payment Plan

Crystal Block Payment Plan

Park View City Lahore Crystal Block Payment Plan

Overseas Block Payment Plan

Park View City Lahore Overseas Block Payment Plan

Jade Block Payment Plan

Park View City Lahore Jade Block Payment Plan

Golf Estate Payment Plan

Park View City Lahore Golf Estate Payment Plan

Platinum Block Payment Plan

Park View City Lahore Platinum Block Payment Plan

Rose Block Payment Plan

Park View City Lahore Rose Block Payment Plan

The Walk Commercial Payment Plan

Park View City Lahore The Walk Commercial Payment Plan

Topaz Block Payment Plan

Park View City Lahore Topaz Block Payment Plan

Tulip Overseas Payment Plan

Park View City Lahore Tulip Overseas Payment Plan

Parks in Park View City

It caters to a central park of 22 kanal situated in the middle of the entire community. In addition, there are multiple smaller parks located around the community sectors that are designed for the residents living within the community to enjoy an open area near their houses. All parks within the community are beautifully designed and landscaped with plants and trees to make them eye-catching and refreshing. The gardens include swings and play areas for the children and walking/jogging tracks for the adults.

 Payment Plans

Educational Institution
The educational institutions present within the housing community are placed with high standards and fully equipped with experienced and well-established staff. Over 8.8 Kanal of land is dedicated to the education facility. In addition, the institution will host an operational daycare center and an emergency room with nurses, all for the facilitation for children and the ease for parents to have their child settled in a secure environment.

Health Care Centre

Park View City provides a multifunctional community center that provides the most highly professional and qualified doctors and experts of health care available and creates exceptional facilitation for the community’s residents. The health centers and hospitals will be equipped with the latest technology and high-end machinery for all the residents. This entire center is situated on a land of 18 Kanal dedicated just to the health center.

Commercial Zone

The commercial sector of the housing community is another one of the high-end facilities provided at Park View City Lahore. The retail center consists of malls and shopping centers fully equipped with lobbies, escalators, capsule lifts, etc. The shopping malls consist of national and international brands that include high-quality food courts and IMAX cinemas, and unique play area zones for children. The area where the commercial zone is situated on the opposite side of an 85 feet wide boulevard.


It has a high-tech security system that works to protect the residents of that community. The security level has advanced in the community and has multiple access points from all residential areas. The entire residential area has equipped with a highly qualified security team trained in combatting and crime-fighting techniques. In addition, an active CCTV camera has installed in the whole area zone that monitors all activities and secures the entire community for the residents.

Load Shedding Free Zone

Park View City Lahore offers one of the most highly privileged facilities recognized as one of the most impressive; load-shedding free zone. In addition, It provides an efficient power supply system with backup power generators installed, eliminating power cuts and shortages in the entire community.

Further facilitation and features

More features and facilities have provided in Park View City Lahore, for instance, health clubs, zoo, fire alarms, incredible architecture, attractive finishing, motion sensors, mosques, artistic housing developments, etc. In addition, the housing community provides various amenities that ensure the desire and needs of the residents and investors, making it an experience worth their money and time.

In the current standing, It is offering 5 Marla plots, 10 Marla Plots, and 1 Kanal plots, with effective installment plans that operate according to the convenience of the payment structure that suits the investor. It has divided into multiple blocks that have separate residential zones and commercial zones. The location within the community differentiates each block it is set in, making it highly unique and amplifying its selling amongst investors.

There are approximately 12 blocks in Park View City, Tulip, Gold, Jade, Rose, Topaz, Orchard, Jasmine, Platinum, Diamond, Executive, Overseas, and Tulip Overseas. A unique structure and design signify each block. Such as the Jasmin block, which is a lavish block with a high-end infrastructural development and design, lies close to the center of the society, making it a great choice of the block to find plots.

Similarly, Topaz and Tulip block lie close to one another and have provided complete amenities and facilities around these blocks. With affordable rates, these area zones are convenient and accessible to the entire community and can be seen as a good investment for residency. However, It also provides high-end facilitation of the Gold Block, one of the most luxurious blocks within the community. Most of the gold block plots have booked or sold, making them highly popular and in demand. The gold block is one of the highest in the market and brings excellent choice and diversity in the options offered to investors looking for residential zones.

Guidelines to purchase plots at Park View City

It is imperative that all the documentation is authentic and verified so that authorities can avoid all misunderstandings. It is essential that the NOC is authorized and the documents are approved by the developers, authorities, and the investor’s satisfaction. In terms of financial security, it is mandated to ensure the funds and align with the purchase plan. Another point to keep in mind is to visit the property site and ensuring it with written documents and validate the documents. The following documentation is required to buy property in Park View City Lahore:

  • Two passport size picture
  • Two copies of your National Identity Card
  • Two copies of the ID card of your next of Kin
  • NICOP for overseas clients

In case, it is crucial to fill in your booking application form with full attention, attach the CNIC copies of the Applicant, Pay the down payment via check or pay order and confirm the payment. Of course, cash payments have also accepted, and make sure to get the receipt.

Benefits of Investment in Park View City

When it comes to investment in Real Estate, it considers one of the most profitable investments of all time, and it has extreme potential in returning assets. In addition, several benefits can gain from investment in real estate, such as financial security, stable income, manageable, passive income, non-depreciable assets. All these factors help investments bring out a maximum of opportunities and endure a business that would be beneficial from the comforts of one’s home.

Pros and Cons of Investing in Park View City Lahore:


  • 24/7 Water Supply
  • 24/7 Electricity Supply
  • 24/7 Gas Supply
  • Educational Institutions
  • Theme Parks and Recreational Areas
  • Shopping Malls, Markets, Grocery stores
  • Secure environment
  • Gated community
  • Drainage systems
  • Green Sustainable society
  • Well-carpeted roads
  • Waste disposal mechanism

– High plot prices

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Park View City Lahore, and how is it different from other societies?

Park View City has been illustrated and constructed in a modern manner that would provide investors and residents the comforts of living at an affordable rate. A team of engineers, architects, and other staff have a complete experience and create a wonderland amid Lahore.

Is it an approved and legal housing society?

Yes, the NOC of Park View City Lahore will approve soon by the concerned authorities.

Is it an affordable housing society?

Yes, the society is highly affordable, and they offer installments plans. The management plays a crucial role in balancing between luxury and affordable rates. The ability to have unlimited amenities at a budget-friendly cost makes it the most attractive offer in Lahore.

Does this society have a potential high yield investment return?

Yes, the installment plans are very affordable for all types of families, and even those with humble backgrounds, thus making it have an increased chance of high-yield investment returns.

What is the location of Park View City Lahore?

Park View City Lahore is located at GT road

Who are the developers of Park View Lahore?

Park View City is a housing community by Vision Group.

What is the Park View Lahore Contact Number?

The contact number of Park View City Lahore is (042)- 111-249-249.

What is Park View City Lahore’s address?

The address of Park View City Lahore is 3-KM Thokar Niaz Baig, Multan Road, Lahore.

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